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Our consulting services are led by Nils Janse and Farid Bonawiede. Both Nils and Farid have backgrounds in engineering from KTH and experience as management consultants, Nils at McKinsey and Farid at PwC. As co-founders of Delibr AI, they have firsthand experience in integrating AI into products and services. Their approach to consulting involves working closely with management teams to understand their organization, identify opportunities for AI application, and develop a tailored AI strategy. With their combined expertise, they bring a unique perspective to AI strategy development.

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We had the privilege of speaking at >20 organizations and events, including
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Nils Janse is a visionary and passionate expert in generative AI.
As one of Sweden’s leading experts in the field, Nils brings a deep technical understanding of AI and its capacity to reshape business. His talks cover various topics including generative AI, ChatGPT, prompt engineering, and the integration of AI technology with business strategy and society.
With a background in engineering from KTH and studies in AI, Nils was early at adopting GPT into his own product Delibr and has since worked with generative AI with over 20 organizations, positioning him as a pioneer in the field. His experience, combined with his 6 years as a management consultant at McKinsey and 9 years on the board of Storytel, gives him a unique ability to connect AI technology with business strategy. His lecture on generative AI for the Pragmatic Institute in the US broke audience records with over 1,000 participants.
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An image of Lotten Skeppstedt
Lotten Skeppstedt
Editor-in-chief, Forum

WOW, Nils! I’ve listened to many lectures on ChatGPT over the past year but this was one of the most rewarding, informative, and clever ones in a long time!

An image of Dean Peters
Dean Peters
Product Management Trainer, 280 Group

Great job Nils Janse, appreciate the passion you bring to helping product people adopt AI in their day-to-day work! Nicely done

An image of Cody McDonald
Cody McDonald
Director of Product Management, GRIN

This was great Nils Janse! Thank you for the information and inspiration!

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With a multi-disciplinary team with a background in strategy, technology, and change management, we have a unique blend of expertise to offer support and solutions that are adaptable to any team, profession or industry.

Ymnig Al is a generative Al transformation partner that helps organizations to not only survive but thrive in the era of generative Al.

Nils Janse

Gen AI consultant & coach

Henrik Kniberg

Gen AI consultant & coach

Hans Brattberg

Gen AI consultant & coach

Reza Farhang

Gen AI Consultant & Coach

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We offer full spectrum implementation of generative AI from understanding, implementing to leveraging.

We tailor our offer based on who and where you are.

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We started Ymnig AI because of our fundamental belief that generative AI will change life as we know it. How it will change is up to us.

To impact the world for the better, we must equip ourselves with the tools and understanding necessary to navigate the ever-evolving landscape. Generative AI holds immense promise, from revolutionizing industries to solving some of humanity's most pressing challenges. However, its potential can only be fully realized when accompanied by an understanding of what it is and how we can use it.

This all starts with you. With us. And this is where our curiosity and joy are sparked! Nothing excited us more than sharing the deep knowledge we’ve gathered about generative AI with people who will use it to improve their lives and transform their businesses.

Not only to save time, become more effective, or to increase profitability – that’s easy to do with generative AI by your side. But also to improve and expand our experience as human beings in this life.

Our promise to you is that we will transfer the curiosity, joy, and excitement alongside knowledge, tools and strategies. Because when you know what we know, you will transform your outlook on the future from a challenge to an opportunity. And isn’t that exciting?

Please feel free to reach out, or connect on LinkedIn. I or my team respond to all questions and requests, lowering the threshold to a new future that is inclusive to all, no matter where you are on the journey.


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